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In today's hyper competitive global market, companies cannot afford to have higher operating costs than their competitors. It is generally accepted that lighting is responsible for as much as 40 percent of a bullding's total energy costs. An upgrade to LED lighting with intelligent controls can dramatically reduce your energy spend by replacing old lighting technology systems that are wasteful, obsolete or unsustainable.

LED lighting systems have an incredibly useful and cost-effective lifespan. Murphy Energy Systems can show why you can't afford not to upgrade.

ROI is critically important in LED lighting upgrade considerations. However, due to the long lifespan of LED lighting upgrade solutions, long-term savings and long-term cost-of-ownership need to be considered along with immediate monthly energy cost savings. Murphy Energy Systems, a full service energy services company (ESCO), focuses on energy efficiency solutions that help our customers manage and reduce energy use in their operations to achieve such savings.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies identify and implement proven solutions that dramatically improve system efficiency and performance while dramatically reducing energy consumption, cost, and harmful emissions.

Conservation Pays - Now more than ever and in ever more ways!
The cost savings from energy efficiency LED lighting upgrades are so immediate and substantial that you may be able to finance your upgrade project using monthly electric savings with no out-of-pocket cost -- and enjoy immediate positive cash flow.

An LED upgrade also will pay long-term dividends in the form of an enhanced workplace which contributes to increased productivity and morale, as well as better employee and customer safety.

Significant funding is available through grants and state and federal incentives that offset the costs of retiring older technology and upgrading buildings, plants, and manufacturing processes, to achieve maximum efficiency.

There’s a social dividend, too. Conserving energy contributes to a healthier environment and helps corporations meet green biuilding goals.

Let Murphy Energy Systems help you power your organization for efficiency to a more sustainable bottom-line. Call us at 414-810-0301.