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Murphy Energy Systems is an independent, Milwaukee-based energy services company (ESCO), serving businesses, schools and organizations in the Greater Milwaukee Area, throughout Wisconsin, in the Midwest and nationwide. Our services begin with comprehensive knowledge of the latest LED lighting technology and applications, and other energy conservation measures that save our customers money by reducing energy costs.

We consult with you to review your goals, we design systems to meet your needs, and then we engineer and install energy efficient LED lighting upgrade projects or other conservation measures that deliver quantifiable energy savings and improved system performance with a high value return on investment and long-term savings.


Energy Reduction for Commercial, Industrial Educational Buildings and Exteriors

We offer complete turn-key solutions for commercial and industrial buildings such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, storage facilities, material handling facilities, food processing plants, and recreational facilities, as well as retail, office, school, and exterior lighting applications.

We partner with leading energy technology and manufacturing firms to offfer best-of-breed LED lighting upgrade solutions that meet or exceed workplace standards for the business activity as well as for human comfort and safety.


Wide Range of Energy Saving Solutions

Although we concentrate on LED lighting upgrade solutions in the built environment, our network of strategic alliances with industry experts across a broad spectrum of disciplines brings valuable objective insight and expertise to other energy efficiency projects and enables us to offer a wide range of services.

We are committed to providing the best LED lighting technology for the application with the highest possible performance, energy savings and economic benefit to our customers.