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LED Lighting and Energy Saving Solutions for Diverse Markets

Murphy Energy Systems serves a broad range of markets with LED lighting and other energy saving services.

Whether you own, lease or rent, you have an important stake in the operational efficiency of your lighting system, because your lighting system efficiency and sustainability have a direct impact on your bottom line.

It is widely accepted that lighting consumes 40% of all building energy use and contributes upwards of 30% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Unpredictable yet steadily rising energy costs translate into higher operational costs that command a larger portion of your company’s cash.

Fortunately there are steps you can take to improve your building’s efficiency, no matter the size or complexity, or what market you are in. These steps will enhance your workplace environment and cash flow, while contributing to a more sustainable future and helping meet your organizations sustainability goals.


Realize Significant Energy Cost Savings

Advancements in LED lighting and control systems offer dramatically decreased energy consumption and costs while improving light quality.

Increased light output, variable occupancy control, daylight harvesting, and greatly reduced maintenance offer building stakeholders the ability to monitor, control and reduce energy usage without compromising workplace requirements or human comfort.

The team at Murphy Energy Systems in Milwaukee identifies, validates and implements proven solutions and provides turnkey project management, including comprehensive rebate and incentive administration to secure available state and federal dollars targeted for energy efficiency investments.

We also offer project financing to help you implement solutions that are guaranteed to cut consumption and improve your building’s performance with a rapid, high value return on investment.

Murphy Energy Systems, based in Milwaukee, works with companies and organizations throughout Wisconsin, the Midwest, and nationwide. Call us at 414-810-0301.